Learn About Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio, which indicates the cooling output of the air conditioner over the average cooling season, divided by the energy consumed in Watt-Hours. A higher SEER rating adds up to superior energy efficiency and lower running costs. However, this rating is the peak achievement. The home’s thermal envelope, ductwork, and a long list of factors impact air conditioner efficiency.

AC Efficiency Tips

Since HVAC is the biggest energy draw in the home, improving AC efficiency and trimming costs is always a priority. Bay Area Air Conditioning, Inc. is happy to share a few tips, and we’re always available for expert services across New Port Richey, Spring Hill, Crystal River, Bayonet Point, Beverly Hills, Hudson, Port Richey, Jasmine Estates, Elfers, Beacon Square, Holiday & Trinity, FL.

  • Keep vents free and clean – Make sure rugs, drapes and other furnishings aren’t blocking airflow from indoor supply vents. Remove debris and vacuum the vents on a regular basis.
  • Shut windows and doors – Allowing cool air to easily escape forces the air conditioner to run longer, more often and work much harder.
  • Clean around outdoor condenser unit – This is a job best handled by the professionals from Bay Area Air Conditioning, Inc.. Schedule seasonal air conditioner maintenance with us and take confidence in the operation of your vital equipment.
  • Locate the thermostat away from heat-producing appliances – If the thermostat is installed right near the oven or a sunny window, it may fail to properly regulate temperature.
  • Caulk, weatherstrip and insulate – Around windows, under doors and through the attic are common areas for energy to escape.
  • Raise thermostat setting – An adjustment of just a few degrees higher helps to save a great deal of energy.
  • Close blinds or curtains – Using window coverings to block the heat of the day is especially beneficial to air conditioner efficiency.
  • Clean the drain line – A cup of chlorine bleach poured down the AC drain followed by a rinse with water helps to keep the drain line clear and promotes superior efficiency.
  • Have ductwork tested – The duct system can be responsible for allowing up to 30% of conditioned air to escape.
  • Filter replacement – Dirty filters restrict airflow, increasing strain on the air conditioner.
  • Avoid using heat-producing appliances – On especially hot days in Citrus, Hernando, Pasco & Hillsborough Counties, avoid running the oven, clothes dryer and hair dryer if possible.
  • Schedule upkeep – Preventing air conditioner maintenance from Bay Area Air Conditioning, Inc. includes a comprehensive list of services targeted toward optimizing the efficiency of the system.