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If you’re planning an investment into a new cooling system, you might be wondering if central air conditioning or a ductless split system would be best for your home in Citrus, Hernando, Pasco & Hillsborough Counties. The answer depends on the specifics of the living space as well as your preferences, goals and budget. While there are quite a few factors to consider, the professionals from Bay Area Air Conditioning, Inc. are happy to help you make beneficial decisions.

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A ductless system and central air conditioner have some things in common. They both consist of two primary components: an outdoor condenser and indoor evaporator/air handler. Refrigerant travels between the two units, conveying the heat from the indoor to the outdoor unit. A central air conditioner sends cool air through the air handler included in the furnace and distributes it via ductwork. A ductless system utilizes a conduit between the two units and eliminates the need for ducts.

How to decide between a traditional AC and ductless AC:

  • Ductwork – If you already have ductwork installed, it’s more cost-effective to stick with central AC. If not, a ductless air conditioner will cost a lot less. The installation requires little more than a 3-inch hole in the wall for the cable and is completed without mess or renovations.
  • Aesthetics – From inside the house, central AC is invisible. A ductless system relies on slim air handlers mounted on the wall or into a drop ceiling. While these units are streamlined and modern-looking, they are noticeable.
  • Square footage – If your home encompasses more than 2,500 square feet, the added power of a central AC system will prove more effective. Ductless systems are a viable option for homes 2,000 square feet or less.
  • Operational noise – Ductless systems are the quieter choice. However there are modern central cooling systems that keep sound levels to a minimum.
  • Budget – For a single indoor unit, a ductless AC system will be far less expensive than central air conditioning. The price increases if you need multiple indoor units and for higher efficiency models.
  • Energy efficiency – The top-of-the-line ductless systems offer a higher potential energy efficiency than the best central AC system. Keep in mind that the make, model, installation process and ductwork significantly impact operation.
  • Zoning – Both ductless and central AC offer zoning, but the first option is a less expensive way to achieve it. Upgraded ductwork with internal dampers are necessary to get zone control with central air conditioning.

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