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You make not think that your air conditioning system in Shady Hills, FL needs annual maintenance every year. If it is running fine and you haven’t had any recent issues, there is no need to get it serviced, right? Wrong. By getting your air conditioning serviced every year by Bay Area Air Conditioning, Inc. you can save money, decrease the risk for breakdowns, have cleaner air and help the environment.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance & HVAC Service in Shady Hills, FL

Think of annual air conditioning maintenance like getting an oil change on your car. After a certain amount of miles, your car needs an oil change and maintenance or else it wont run as efficiently. The same goes for your air conditioning unit. In order to prevent costly breakdowns, extend the life of your system and reduce utility bills, A/C service is imperative. The team at Bay Area Air Conditioning, Inc. is trained and specializes in air conditioning service, maintenance and installation. You will have peace of mind knowing that you chose Bay Area Air Conditioning, Inc. for any air conditioning need. When one of our HVAC professionals performs annual maintenance on your HVAC system, they will be performing tasks such as checking the refrigerant levels, clean the outdoor condenser coils, clean the indoor evaporator units, replace or clean the air filter, check the outdoor fan motor and blades and many, many more tasks. Bay Area Air Conditioning, Inc.’s main goal is to ensure that your home or business in the Shady Hills area remains cools and comfortable all season long. Warm temperatures can last well into December, having an air conditioning system that is reliable almost all 12 months out of the year is essential. Call Bay Area Air Conditioning, Inc. today at (888) 324-4033 for any air conditioning need.

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