Spring is just a few weeks away and already we have enjoyed warm days. Before we know it these balmy days will become hot days and we’ll find ourselves closing our windows and turning on our Air Conditioners.  Now is the time to think about saving energy while cooling our homes this Summer.

In a typical Florida Home the A/C Unit accounts for more than 40% of the homes energy use – with the largest portion used for cooling.

How can you reduce that and lower your usage and bill?

Try to keep as much heat as possible from penetrating the household, you can do this by closing the curtains and/or blinds during the day on the South and West facing windows.  These exposures are where most heat penetration occurs.  Consider white or light colored fabric when choosing window treatments in these areas.  These lighter colored fabrics will reflect the heat rather than absorb it.

Another contributor to heat in your home are light bulbs.  Consider switching your incandescent bulbs to CFLs.  A CFL bulb uses about one-forth of the energy as an incandescent bulb yet produces the same amount of light. While a CFL may cost more, they use less energy and last longer and are worth the initial investment.

As with any piece of equipment, regular maintenance of your Air Conditioner will prolong the life.  Dirty Air Filters restrict the airflow, which means your unit will run longer and work harder to maintain your ideal temperature.  Be sure to change or clean your filters regularly.  An easy way to remember is to do it when you get your utility bill.  Schedule an annual Tune-Up Maintenance to make sure your unit is running properly.  A healthy efficient Air Conditioner uses less energy.

If you find your air conditioner has to run longer and work harder to maintain your desired temperature – you may have leaky ducts. Dirty filters, leaking air ducts and inefficient A/C Units are actually stealing your hard earned cash!

Utility company studies, estimate that up to 1/3 of your cooling is wasted due to leaking ducts. Leaking ducts choke the unit and require more energy to maintain your desired temperature. Leaking ducts pull in unfiltered and unconditioned air into your living space.

If you think you may have leaking ducts, we can check that for you and repair your ducts if needed.  Bay Area has been sealing ducts for years.  We can easily seal your ducts below 15% leakage, often as low as 5%.  This means you will save more energy dollars every month for as long as you own your home.

Many utility companies offer rebates and incentives when you repair and reduce your duct leakage.  We are the only residential air conditioning contractor in the area that employs a Class 1 Energy Rater to certify this information; which is often required to qualify you for these incentives.

Follow these simple and affordable solutions this spring to help you save money and energy this summer.  You’ll be glad you did.