Stop Wasting Hundreds of Dollars a Year on Your Energy Bills
Duct Sealing Saves You Money!

     Studies done by Utility companies show that 75% of Florida’s homes have 30-50% duct leakage!  Most people are unaware that they are wasting precious energy dollars through leakinghand-money.jpg air ducts.  Duct leaks create infiltration issues that bring hot and humid outside air into the home.

     Wasting cool air not only increases you power bill; it reduces the efficiency of your air conditioner.  What’s worse, leaking ducts bring allergens and harmful VOC’s into your living space.  Duct leaks increase the humidity in your home, making the air conditioner work harder and raising your power bill. 

     Bay Area has been sealing ducts for years.  We are the only AEROSEAL Certified Duct Sealer in
your area.  We can easily seal your ducts below 15% leakage, often as low as 5%.  This means you will save more energy dollars every month for as long as you own your home.  Read what the Department of Energy wrote about Aeroseal.

     You may not need your ducts sealed, or you may need simple corrections.  We can take care of any duct sealing needs.


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