carrier air conditionersBay Area is a proud Carrier factory authorized dealer. We choose to recommend Carrier Air Conditioners and other Carrier products because we have installed over 30,000 systems in the past 40 years here on the west coast of Florida and have been happy with every single one.

If you were trying to cool a home up north, you might be able to get by with a lesser brand; but here on the Gulf Coast of Florida, you need a Carrier!

That’s because we have seen the performance of every type of system in this sunny/stormy hot/humid climate, and we believe Carrier air conditioners offer the best value for our customers.

While there are some lesser quality brands that initially cost less, Carrier’s prices are very competitive. They have one of the best reliability ratings in the industry, and they are an energy-efficiency industry leader. The long term (total) cost should be your most important consideration.

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