A Bay Area High Performance A/C Tune Up
Extends Equipment Life and Decreases Electricity Costs 

Why a Bay Area High Performance TuneUp is better than other checkups.

Bay Area’s High Performance  A/C Tune Up is unlike any other “Tune Up” or Check Up that simply checks your system.  Those “checkups” do nothing to enhance the performance of your air conditioning system.   The reason … those checkups do not thoroughly clean both your condenser and evaporator coils and then remove this dirt.

So called multi-point checkups do not remove impacted materials from your air conditioning coils.  And even if they “clean” your coils … the particles inside the coil fins must be removed in order to increase the performance and efficiency of your heating and cooling coils.

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Why a High Performance Tune Up is essential.nat_cont_small.jpg

Air conditioning is the removal of heat from the inside of your home to the outside.  This removal is called heat transfer and the coils perform this important function, without heat transfer there is no air conditioning.  The job of the coils and airflow system is to move this heat outside your home, by passing the air over both coils.  The more dirt and particles you have on these coils, the more electricity your air conditioner must use. 

Studies show that even a few microns of dirt inside your coils can increase yearly electrical costs … far more than the cost of our Tune Up.   The average air conditioner in Florida passes over 200 million pounds of air over the coils each year.  Want to guess how much dirt and crud is in this air?  A lot.

How to tell if an A/C company is providing a real Performance Tune Up.

Here’s a great insider tip to tell you if your A/C company even knows how to substantiate dirt removal from the coil.  Check to see if they have a spot on their invoice to record the pressure drop across the evaporator coil.  If they do not have a spot to record this information, you can be sure they are not doing all they can to increase the performance of your air conditioner. 

And while you are at it … check to see if they record static pressures of air flow.  Again, if they do not take these measurements they are not doing a true performance Tune Up.  You might as well let your dog or neighbor check your A/C unit and tell you if it is there. 

One last tip to find out if your TuneUp was a true performance TuneUp, did the company even record accurate superheat and sub-cooling measurements? In fact, does the company even have a spot on their invoice to record them! 

It takes sophisticated professional equipment and a knowledgeable technician to accurately obtain sub-cooling and superheat measurements.  Without these numbers a technician can only guess at proper refrigerant levels.  And without proper refrigerants, whether it’s too much or too little, you will pay more for electricity and shorten the life of your air conditioner.

The best value in air conditioning today is a Bay Area High Performance Tune-Up.  It can actually pay for itself… year after year.  And prevent little problems from becoming big ones.  With yearly maintenance, your system can retain most of its original capacity. Without this specialized maintenance, it cannot.

Click here to save $30 on your $109 tune up today.

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