We can cut your power bill by up to 35%!

Nearly half your power bill goes to heat and cool your home. You owe it to yourself not to spend one penny more than necessary,

Guaranteed – In Writing

No one else makes this guarantee*. What’s more, no one puts this guarantee in writing. Why pay the power company your hard earned money. If we do not save you 35% off the cost to heat and cool your home, we will pay the difference.

How can Bay Area guarantee 35% Savings?

We know our installations maximize energy efficiency; we do it everyday. We have the best equipment to find leaks and seal air ducts. Many companies ignore existing duct systems; we improve them. We measure static pressure in order to resolve any air flow restrictions. We completely evacuate moisture from existing refrigerant lines, which prevents damage to new equipment. Our employees are well trained and experienced. We do more to save you more. Read Entire Article

It’s working why should I replace it?

Air conditioning in Florida is not an option like a bigger boat, or fancier car; it significantly shapes your monthly budget. Unless your unit is well under 10 years old, you will need one within the next few years. Why wait years to reduce your monthly budget? Read Entire Article

What’s wrong with finding the lowest price air conditioner?

Nothing, but remember you are purchasing something more than just an air conditioner. You are purchasing the removal and manufacture of an entire air conditioning system for your house, which will affect your monthly budget for many, many years to come. Read Entire Article

Why is the installation of my air conditioner so important?

Quite frankly, how your unit is installed can affect your budget more than what you buy. Even if you watched the installation you wouldn’t know if it was done properly. Read Entire Article

I’m not ready to buy a new unit – how else can I reduce my Energy Bill?

Studies done by utility companies show that 75% of Florida’s homes have 30-50% duct leakage! Most people are unaware that they are wasting precious energy dollars through leaking air ducts. Wasting cool air not only increases your power bill, it reduces the efficiency of your air conditioner. Duct leaks increase the humidity in your home, making the air conditioner work harder and raising you power bill.

Bay Area has been sealing ducts for years. We can easily seal you ducts below 15% leakage, often as low as 5%. This means you will save more energy dollars every month for as long as you own your home.

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