There is much to think of in the event of a Hurricane—food, water, your safety, securing and protecting your home… The best time to address these concerns is before Hurricane season begins.   One of the things you need to address is the Proper Care and Protection of your AC System.   Failure to do so can cause costly repairs.  Power surges, brownouts and lightening can seriously damage your system.  Turning off your system is very important during any storm, but especially so during the long hours a hurricane may be present.    In the event of an evacuation – be certain to do this before you leave.   The same advice would apply to well pumps, pool pumps, etc.  However, NEVER turn off your Refrigerator or Freezer!

During a severe storm, salt water is blown inland several miles.  This is a concern for the coastal areas, this salt mist gets in your outdoor AC unit, causing corrosion, which does not allow your system to run efficiently or effectively—if not addressed immediately it can destroy your AC System over time.   The closer you are to the coast, the worse it can be.

If your outdoor unit is flooded by the Gulfs saltwater it is best NOT to spend money to repair it.  That saltwater can never be entirely cleaned from the condenser coil.  Those of us that were here in 1993 will never forget March 13th, when the NO-NAME Storm hit Crystal River.  The floodwaters ruined many outdoor units.  Those that didn’t replace their unit found out the hard way.  Within a year the coils failed and the unit had to be replaced.  Most insurance policies cover the cost of replacing a flooded outdoor unit.  Before the season hits – review your policy and make sure you are covered!

Remember – IF flooded – Have a Professional Bay Area Service Technician check your AC system.  For your safety it is best NOT to turn your System back on until a professional checks it.

So in the event of a storm, to Protect and Care for your AC system:

  • Turn your AC System Off
  • Turn off the electrical breaker for your AC System
  • Have your AC unit cleaned after the storm if you are near the coast.
  • If flooded call the Professionals at Bay Area Air Conditioning, Inc. and Heating