Like a car, your Air Conditioner needs regular tune ups to ensure it will run properly. Without regular maintenance an air conditioner loses approximately 5% of its original efficiency for each year of operation. What this means is if you have a 12 SEER unit and do not maintain it a few years from now it will operate as 9 SEER. This loss of efficiency will affect your indoor comfort and your utility bill. With regular maintenance your unit will maintain 95% of its original efficiency.

If your unit is under warranty, proof of maintenance is often required. In the event something goes wrong. Some warranties become void if you do not have proof of regular maintenance.

We recommend getting a Tune-up annually. We offer our best price on a Tune-Up during the months of October thru April.
A Bay Area Tune Up will keep your unit running as efficiently and reliably as possible. We do this by cleaning coils and ensuring your unit has the precise amount of refrigerant. We make sure all controls and safety devices are working properly. We check airflow and can prevent little problems from becoming big ones. Benefits of a Bay Area Tune Up
Using an HVAC NATE Certified Technician means you are getting the best in the industry. All of our technicians are NATE certified, which means they have gone through rigorous training and are highly skilled. They are required to stay current with the industry through ongoing training.

Choosing a contractor that requires all technicians to be NATE Certified gives you the peace of mind in knowing that you will get the most qualified person for the job. About NATE

When the temperature starts to drop and you switch to the Heat mode, your A/C Unit does some things that often causes alarm. Heat pumps have a normal defrost cycle that causes the unit to do things perfectly normal, so no need for alarm.

The most common concern is, “My outdoor (condenser) unit is smoking.” While it may appear to be smoke, this actually is steam and this is a normal part of the defrost cycle. This cycle is necessary for the unit to melt any ice that forms in the outdoor unit. Learn More About the Defrost Cycle

While in defrost you may hear noises often described as: clanking, humming, vibrating or thumping. Again this is normal for the defrost cycle.
Also normal but again a frequent cause for alarm is, “I turned on the heat and it smells funny.” In defrost cycle, the condenser will stop running, in order to maintain the desired temperature the heat strips will turn on and the system will run in “auxiliary heat” until the defrost cycle is over. This is very normal the first time you use your heat or if you haven’t used it in awhile. Dust has accumulated over the year and what you smell is that dust being burned off. Learn More…
  • Check your Thermostat and make sure it is set on COOL and AUTO.
  • Check your breakers – you may have two breakers – one for the Air Handler and one for the Condenser – they may be labeled Heat and Cool.
  • Check your Air Filters– a dirty filter will prevent your unit from working efficiently.
  • Has it frozen up? Check for ice – if you see ice, turn the unit off, and call for service.

If none of this resolves it – you may have a problem, call for Bay Area for service at 888-324-4033.

No – it will actually make the unit work harder, and if you have a problem make it worse. If you checked everything listed above and it still doesn’t work, you should call Bay Area for service at 888-324-4033.
We all want the cleanest air – so you would think the more filters the better. Not true. There are two choices when putting air filters in your home. You can either put one on the air handler, or put one on the return(s). Putting them in both places does not give you better indoor air quality. Too many air filters restrict airflow, and actually prevents your unit from working efficiently.

If you are concerned about your indoor air quality, Call 888-324-4033 to talk to one of our technicians about Indoor Air Quality Products and Solutions.

To keep your unit running efficiently, change or clean your filter(s) once a month. An easy way to remember is to do this when you receive your monthly utility bill.

If you have a Media Filter or an Air Purification Filter these need to be changed every 6-12 months depending on your home. If you have an Infinity Control Thermostat it will actually tell you when to change your filter.

  • Have you had a power surge? Check your breakers – you may have two breakers – one for the Air Handler and one for the Condenser – they may be labeled Heat and Cool.
  • If it requires batteries – do they need to be replaced?
  • Is it set on COOL (or Heat) and on AUTO?

If you have checked all these and it is still blank, call Bay Area at 888-324-4033

Having a Bay Area Service Contract has it benefits. With this Agreement you have Priority Scheduling Service, Same Day Service*, Service 7AM – 7PM, 365 Days a year, including Holidays—if your unit breaks on Thanksgiving – we’ll be there to fix it! Learn More About Our Service Contracts
Think you can’t afford it? Think again. You actually can’t afford NOT to do it. A Priority Service Contract for twelve full months of service is less than $10.00 a month! Learn More
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