All About Installation

     You are purchasing something more than just an air conditioner.  You are purchasing the removal and manufacture of an entire air conditioning system for your house, which will affect your monthly budget for many, many years to come.

     Even a slight installation error can increase monthly operational costs for years and years. An improper installation can cost as much as 30% more to operate!  This can become thousands over the lifetime of ownership.  What’s worse, you wouldn’t even know anything was wrong, until it’s too late!

     How your unit is installed can affect your budget more than what you buy.  Even if you watched the installation you wouldn’t know if it was done properly.  How would you know if the installer adequately removed moisture from refrigerant lines?  How would you know if static pressure calculations were correct?  How would you know if your ducts were sealed to minimal leakage?  How would you know if the plenums were sealed correctly? Would you even know if the units were matched properly, or if the control systems were properly set?  Just because an air conditioner works … does not mean it is working efficiently!  This is why we guarantee 35% lower heating/cooling costs.  We do more to save you more.

     Whether you have already purchased a new AC System or are thinking about purchasing one, here are some things you should know and expect:

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