Jolene Methvin heading to Colorado for Committee Meeting

Crystal River, Florida – May 3, 2011 – Earlier this month Jolene Methvin was nominated for the upcoming National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Workforce Guideline Committee Conference.  The DOE subcontracted the NREL, to develop a national framework for workforce certification based on the guidelines.  Jolene Methvin has been selected for the Auditor Certification Scheme Committee.

Jolene is one of approximately 80 Class 1 Raters in Florida, which is why Dave Hutchins, President and Owner of Bay Area Air Conditioning, Inc. & Heating, nominated her for this committee.   Class 1 Raters are Certified to Rate residences using site energy audit and performance test data as the source for input data on which the rating is based.  The State of Florida requires all Building Energy Raters be certified by the state and only those individuals certified by the State are allowed to provide Energy Rating services in Florida. To become a rater, you must undergo specialized training in building science and pass a written and national exam, as well as pass a blower door and duct blaster test.

Jolene is one of two Class 1 Raters employed by Bay Area Air Conditioning, Inc.. Consumers applying for Energy Star rebates and credits are often required to submit an Energy Certification by a Class 1 Rater in order to qualify for these credits.  Bay Area is one of the few residential air conditioning contractors in this area that employs a Class 1 Energy Rater. “Our Class 1 Energy Raters oversee checking the duct system for leaks,” said Dave Hutchins.  “We are fortunate to have two Class 1 raters on our staff, it allows us to provide certification for every air conditioner we install, without the time and money involved when you have to go to an outside sub-contractor,” he added.

“I’m excited that I was chosen,” said Jolene, “I have been in the HVAC industry for 10 years and look forward to working with other professionals in the industry.”  Jolene is due in Golden, Colorado on May 17, 2011 for the four day Certification Scheme Committee.   The committee consists of unpaid volunteers, like Jolene, who will contribute to the effort to create a robust home energy upgrade worker certification and training program nationwide.

About Bay Area Air Conditioning, Inc. and Heating

David Hutchins established Bay Area in 1975.  Today with locations in Crystal River, Florida and New Port Richey, Florida Bay Area serves all of Citrus, Pasco and Hernando Counties as well as North West Hillsborough, North Pinellas, South Levy and South West Marion Counties. Bay Area celebrated 35 years in November 2010.  Visit for more information.

About ACCA

ACCA is a non-profit association serving more than 60,000 professionals and 4,000 businesses in the HVACR community, working together to promote professional contracting, energy efficiency, and healthy, comfortable indoor environments. Their roots stretch back to the early part of the 20th century, and the organization was incorporated in its present form over 40 years ago.  ACCA shares one goal: to make the HVACR industry, and every professional contracting business, more successful. ACCA is the only nationwide organization of, by and for the small businesses that design, install and maintain indoor environmental systems.

About NREL

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is the nation’s primary laboratory for renewable energy and energy efficiency research and development (R&D).  NREL’s mission and strategy are focused on advancing the U.S. Department of Energy’s and our nation’s energy goals. The laboratory’s scientists and researchers support critical market objectives to accelerate research from scientific innovations to market-viable alternative energy solutions. At the core of this strategic direction are NREL’s research and technology development competencies. These areas span from understanding renewable resources for energy, to the conversion of these resources to renewable electricity and fuels, and ultimately to the use of renewable electricity and fuels in homes, commercial buildings, and vehicles. The laboratory thereby directly contributes to our nation’s goal for finding new renewable ways to power our homes, businesses, and cars.